Sustained Change: The Power of YOUR Affirmations

Transform your world, one belief at a time! 🚀✨

Are you tired of using subliminals without seeing the results you desire?

If you're determined to change your subconscious beliefs about money, business, success, and life, yet haven't achieved the outcomes you seek, you're not alone. Many find themselves stuck in a loop, frustrated by the lack of tangible progress.

You are SELF-AWARE, understanding that subconscious beliefs are running the show. Yet, progress seems slower than a turtle in a marathon. Why?

Consider this:

One morning, as I was making my bed and tidying-up, a realization struck me.

Despite blasting subliminals daily, my life wasn’t hitting those dreamy targets. This curiosity led to a breakthrough. I discovered the missing element that transformed my path and could do the same for you. 🌟

I created custom affirmations, blended with nature’s sounds and enhanced with binaural beats.

This combination was the game-changer that personalized the subliminal experience, producing profound results. 💫

This approach clicked like a puzzle falling into place, offering a tailored experience that integrates seamlessly with your daily rituals, propelling you toward your goals with unstoppable momentum.

The Ultimate Tool for Transformation

These aren’t just any affirmations—they are your personalized, self-spoken mantras, perfectly synced with your dreams. Imagine having a custom soundtrack to success that fits effortlessly into your busy life.

Personal and Professional Benefits

With personalized affirmations, experience:

Increased Confidence: Build unshakable self-belief.

Enhanced Focus: Improve concentration and clarity.

Reduced Stress: Enjoy a calming effect, reducing anxiety.

Heightened Creativity: Unlock your innovative potential.

Boosted Motivation: Stay driven and inspired.

Improved Relationships: Foster harmony and understanding.

Financial Abundance: Attract wealth and success.

Overcoming Daily Hurdles

Our personalized subliminals tackle everyday challenges, including:

Procrastination: Develop a proactive mindset.

Self-Doubt: Replace it with self-assurance.

Stress and Anxiety: Promote inner peace and balance.

Lack of Motivation: Maintain high enthusiasm.

Negative Thinking: Foster an optimistic outlook.

Distractions: Enhance focus and productivity.

Energy Slumps: Stay energized and alert.

Work-Life Balance: Create harmony between professional and personal life.

Flexibility for Your Busy Life

Our subliminals are designed for seamless integration into your daily routines:

Morning Boost: Start your day with positivity.

Commute Companion: Reprogram your subconscious while traveling.

Workday Integration: Enhance focus without interruption.

Exercise Enhancement: Align body and mind for optimal performance.

Evening Relaxation: Transition peacefully from day to night.Nighttime Reprogramming: Embed positive beliefs as you sleep.

What Sets Us Apart

Personalization is key.

Unlike generic affirmations, our method revolves around your voice and goals. We blend your words with curated binaural beats and natural sounds, backed by neuroscience, creating a powerful tool for subconscious reprogramming.

Introductory Offer for a Limited Time

Client Attraction $147.00

30-Minute tracks: $97.00

Nighttime Ocean track: $122.00

Upon purchase, receive a Welcome Video guiding you through creating your own affirmations. Once we receive your affirmations, expect a swift 24-hour turnaround for your personalized track.

Take control of your transformation today 🌟

Success, Money & Business Nighttime Subliminal

Get ready to unleash the power within you and manifest the success, money, and business results you desire!

You have the key to crafting your own empowering affirmations tailored to your unique goals.

Listen to your affirmations while you are asleep

This track is made with the sound of the ocean

Success, Money & Business 30-Minute Subliminal

Prepare yourself to tap into the potential within and bring forth the success, wealth, and business outcomes you crave!

You hold the key to creating personalized affirmations aligned with your specific aspirations.

Listen to your affirmations as you engage in your daily activities.

This track is made with the sound of rain

Worthiness Subliminal

When you realize your worth, you ignite the spark to construct an unshakable foundation for your life. And guess what? You're absolutely deserving of every single thing you desire!

This track is made with the sound of a stream

Forgiveness Subliminal

Now is the moment to release guilt and shame, to loosen the grip of grudges. Embrace forgiveness for yourself and others, clearing the path ahead. Forgiving others means freeing yourself from their influence.

This track is made with the sounds of wind chimes, a stream and wind

Affirmation Consultation

Get set to ignite the outcomes you've been craving!

Prepare to gain clarity on your desired outcomes and unleash the power to craft fresh, empowering affirmations! Let's dive in and amplify your journey!

This is a 30 minute 1-1 session

Self-Confidence Subliminal

Show Up Daily with Unshakable Self-Confidence!

Imagine waking up each day with a deep-seated belief in your abilities and choices.

Listen to your affirmations as you engage in your daily activities.

This track is made with the sound of a waterfall

Client Attraction Subliminal

Are you a successful business owner seeking even greater heights? Harness the power of your own voice with our Client Attraction Subliminal. Change your beliefs, attract premium clients, and watch your business soar.


Customized affirmations for optimal results


Unlock new levels of success


Transform your client attraction strategy

Don’t wait! Elevate your business today.

Listen to your affirmations as you engage in your daily activities.

This track is made with the sound of a slow moving stream


"I am in the process of creating a new business and it's a bit hectic as everything is seemingly due all at once, so it was the perfect time to immerse myself in the affirmative recordings that Tricia created in order to keep my head focused and positive.

My mind and body instantly relax when I turn the recordings on as I go to bed in the evening and first thing upon waking in the morning. We created some truly powerful statements together and I love the recording where all I hear is the rainfall.

The affirmations are bypassing my conscious mind that might resist what I am proclaiming to be my truth this year and through this new venture.

My mind and body instantly relax when I turn them on. One of my affirmations already came true – I had declared that I would have a powerful, supported peer group and be a respected leader and teacher in my field. Out of the blue, a coaching group that I've only been a part of for two months asked me to join their mentor leadership team. I am blown away! My first program for my new services kicked off today, and I can see how all of the affirmations are possible... and perhaps even lining up already to flow into my reality. I am an excellent receiver, after all! I will continue to listen morning and night, and keep you posted as more and more of my future vision comes to pass. Thank you so much for creating this tool. I'll be sharing it with my clients too!"

-Kathy BaselKathy Basel AI Marketing

"I have gained at least one new client and am working on another. That’s a really good result in my opinion.

I like synergistic energies. ;-)"

~ KG

"I have been using my custom subliminals for a little over a month and I can honestly say that I’m feeling so much better. I can feel and experience things differently. It’s little subtle changes but for the past 30 days, it’s very soothing, listening to, the affirmations is very comforting and very calming and it’s just like little tiny shifts that your brain makes that make the biggest difference.

I know there was something that I had put in a previous affirmation of mine and something just felt a little off. It was because I used one of the words that she says not to use in your subliminal. It makes perfect sense because, sometimes our brains don’t process things in the way that we would like them to. So even one little thing can just change the whole trajectory of the affirmations especially because you’re listening to it repeatedly. Once we fixed that one little shift I instantly started to see the changes within myself and my internal dialogue. I highly recommend it if you’re looking to retrain your brain go get a customized

subliminal ASAP.”


"Since receiving my personalized subliminal affirmation tracks from Tricia I have experienced leveling up in my life in several ways. I feel so much more calm and connected to pursuing my business goals which align with my purpose.

I’ve also become less bothered by outside distractions which I let get to me before. I love the sleep track as it lulls me to sleep while reinforcing my affirmations allowing me to wake up BELIEVING in myself in ways I haven’t fully committed to before.

I’m so grateful for both the daytime track as I listen to it daily while cooking, cleaning, driving, and working, and then the nighttime track while I sleep. Tricia has researched and understands when and how our brains are most open to accepting these subliminal affirmations using very specific brain waves matching the perfect binaural beats with nature sounds to open us up to a whole new world of living our best life.

Thank you Tricia for this incredible tool to help me step into my best and greatest life yet!!"

~ Susan Lewis

"I’ve seen a tremendous spike in productivity since I started listening to the tracks while working. It takes a fraction of the time to complete the tedious backend tasks.

So many interesting breakthroughs are happening. One of the most exciting is a restructuring of my offers & new offer I’m absolutely lit up about & receiving huge interest in (despite it being by invite only).

I’m finding that falling asleep to the tracks allows me more lucid dreaming that feels like therapy sessions for my subconscious.

Big breakthroughs are happening!!"

~ Lisa Latimer

About the second week in, I had wild symptoms within my body energetically…felt like a “spiritual flu”, since using the subliminal. I usually get it twice a year… however this time, it felt different and much more intense. (heady/nasal congestion and fatigue).

I have lost the desire during the week to put on my tv. During the weekends it has been very limited as well. Guided to write and read more now.

I have been more focused on things that are assisting me with building my new spirit led business. My motivation and productivity has increased since the past 30 days.

Manifestations have accelerated, heighten clarity, intuition and understanding dream interpretations.

I recommended this hi vibe tool as it may help assist with serving you new heightened brain shifts.

With Appreciation,


** Disclaimer **

This is not a replacement for medical advice or therapy. If there is an issue please seek a Professional